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Te Hekenga - National Māori Business Networks Event

This is Mana Taiao’s fourth installation of Te Hekenga, hosted in conjunction with the Tauranga Māori Business Association.

Te Hekenga provides points of interest for Māori in business, or who are looking at establishing a business, or looking for fresh ideas and wanting to expand into networks with like-minded people. 

The conference is aimed at the area of our economy where most business sits – with the small to medium enterprises.

We look forward to seeing you all.

Te Hekenga 2024 A4 Panui
maori investment

Whakapiki i te Putea - Raising Māori Investment Capability Conference

“We have an amazing line up of speakers to discuss and explore new investment options in the light of the Reserve Bank forecast of a steady decline in interest rates over the next little while. With many Māori entities having term deposits as their default investment, it’s time to look at what some of the alternative options might be; to not only protect but also grow, the putea. It’s a rare opportunity to hear how other iwi and Māori organisations are handling the investment options and to get expert analysis of the current and immediate future economic environment. Of most value is the opportunity for networking with like-minded colleagues and experts. The conference will be held in Tauranga….”